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  • to excel and achieve the highest level of performance in all areas of your life
  • to have breakthroughs with sleep and stress management
  • to foster and enhance quick mental recovery
  • to have focus, clarity, and regulate jet lag
  • to develop your mind and concentration
  • to live up to your full potential
  • to reverse the aging process
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Today I invite you to discover a SAFE solution to accompany you in everyday life to feel
better and improve yourself in all areas. It is a scientifically proven method,
based on innovative use of light and sound.

This solution is the PSIO,
a revolutionary tool which
combines 3 techniques

  1. The sound and light rhythms (which lead the mind to the famous "alpha waves of relaxation").
  2. Relaxation therapy and suggestion (which allow body and mind relaxation).
  3. Chromotherapy (the new science that uses colors to relax deeply).

The PSIO and its programs help you to relax and through this process helps the brain to process the information optimally for maximum performance.

The PSIO and its programs help you relax and deal with stress
and other blockages to reach total wellbeing and enhanced performance

But what exactly is PSIO?

At first glance, the PSIO looks like a pair of glasses equipped with a MP3 reader… But in fact, it is a powerful relaxation tool that uses innovative technology for sensory stimulation by sending lights and sounds at very specific rhythms. These rhythms are known since the dawn of time to influence the state of consciousness… The awakening state, sleep state, or simple relaxation state in Alpha waves are related to brain rhythms, themselves influenced by the broadcast of particular lights and sounds…

It is at this level that the PSIO technology intervenes.

You will find in the PSIO programs that the visual and auditory stimulation frequency varies from 3 to 15 cycles / second, enabling easy access to a state of "letting go", suitable to auto-suggestion…

And it is within this "auto-suggestion" that the PSIO incorporates dozens of personal development programs (memo-stimulation, sleep inducer, concentration, etc.).


The PSIO is a sophisticated pair of glasses
with a MP3 player capable of playing audio visual programs
scientifically developed to improve your performance.

It offers already integrated programs and in addition
you can download on the internet an infinity of other tracks,
including in the field of personal development.

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How does the PSIO work?

PSIO sessions last about 5 to 40 minutes.
They are preferably carried out in a calm environment,
sitting comfortably with a clear head or lying down.

The PSIO can then act on your level of attention
just like a radio frequency adjustment button.

  • 1st time


    The user sees his attention focused
    on the visual scene composed of bright colors
    with no significance to the mind other than
    their amazing beauty. Consciousness is purely
    sensory and analytical thoughts diminish to
    turn into audio-visual impression. Music or
    voice is felt more deeply, and very differently
    than they would be with a simple sound
  • 2nd time


    Attention gradually starts to float.
    Eyelids close automatically during the
    continuous light stimulation still passing
    through them. They become a second
    projection screen for the visual stimuli.
  • 3rd time


    The visual stimuli become repetitive.
    Gradually, the eyes drift into their orbits,
    naturally, in total rest position. At this time,
    the visual stimuli are limited both by their
    intensity than by frequency variation.
    Attention then drifts to total rest.
    Therefore, the “letting go” is total!


This induced rest and recovery causes an energizing effect after the session,
much like a rejuvenating nap (except that here, it is you who provoke it at will!).

To note

To note

When attention is at rest, the mind is very permeable to suggestions:
it continues to hear everything but does not listen carefully. The messages are no longer filtered by the attention.
That is why the PSIO is a wonderful tool for the suggestion of positive messages to your "deep Being".


  • Personal development programs,
  • Stress management, memorization, concentration

What benefits will you get from the PSIO…?

You should know that your mind is constantly transported to areas of anticipation or memory, in spaces filled with images and ideas that come repeatedly.
This is what we called "brain chatter". Because of this "brain chatter", you will never manage to be in the present! You are in the past or in the future but you forget to feel the present living sensation, which should be omnipresent!

The PSIO is an effective solution to this problem.
It puts an end to "Brain Chatter".

The sounds and lights emitted by the PSIO rapidly invade your auditory and visual
sensory areas. Brain chatter stops automatically to make room for contemplation
of the colorful visual scenes.
Your attention is redirected, not towards your stored
thoughts or to anticipation, but to audiovisual present perceptions (a mind stated
similar to meditative contemplation).

This is a particular state where you are still awake but you think you are sleeping
(if someone speaks to you or touches your arm, you realize you were not asleep
yet…). You hear everything but you do not listen… You're in what we call
« the subconscious listening ». And this state is particularly favorable to suggestion
properties: the mind being more permeable, it is also known as being very recovering
because attention, finally at rest, usually consumes a large amount of energy.

Achieving this status is valuable to anyone looking for a fast and efficient recovery.
For example: nurses who work at night, pilots in jet lag, students during exam period
or just businessmen and women who are stressed by their exhausting work.

With PSIO you finally reach this state of "Blissful Relaxation!"

How is PSIO so effective? The PSIO uses certain sound frequencies and pulsed lights
(which were the subject of electroencephalography study), in order to train your mind
in levels of consciousness usually untamed! With this technique, the PSIO manages
to release the level of attention and makes you reach the famous state of "letting go",
so difficult to achieve alone!

The PSIO combines "recovery effect" and "memorizing effect".

This is a perfect way to revitalize intelligently and recover faster. Students will thus make and intensive use during the exams period… Moreover, the PSIO promotes learning as this state "at the edge of sleep" is known for its virtues in the treatment of accumulated data and storage… and the great difference between PSiO and any kind of drugs used for this purpose is that PSiO is safe and can be used as many times as it is needed.

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The PSIO used for 25 years in scientific field

In hospitals, the PSIO techniques have been used since 1994 to allow surgeons to operate without intravenous sedation
for the duration of a sub-regional anesthesia operatiqui on. As the saying goes: "who can do more, can do less"!
So you can benefit from PSIO virtues just as effectively for personal use.


Enjoy an infinite number of programs to download

As soon as you connect your PSIO to your computer, a new world of applications becomes available to you:
applications to improve your well-being, to find your vital balance, to strengthen your personal potential
and performance in all areas.

There are in fact three main areas of PSIO applications
and dozens of programs with various themes:

In short, you understand better why
the PSIO is a 100% versatile tool!

Meditation, Relaxation, Performance,
All roads lead to PSIO!

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If, despite all the possibilities outlined above, you are still
hesitating to discover the PSIO, then read this well:

The secrets of a long experienced technology

Recognized by science

The PSIO is an experienced technology developed for over twenty five years. More than 250,000 users and millions sessions lavished by professional health care attest to the seriousness of this technology. Moreover, numerous studies exist on the effect of sensory stimulation on brain rhythms.
(See the section entitled « Scientific Studies » on www.psio.com).

Blocking Brain Chatter: how is it possible?

The technology used in the PSIO is a combination of colored stimuli and pulsating rhythms on very specific frequencies. On top of that, PSiO sometimes associates these techniques with binaural beats, and suggestive voices with one speaker or two speaking one after another and sometimes simultaneously (using the method developed by Dr. Milton Erickson, the creative genius of indirect suggestion).

  • The texts of the recorded messages are written by physicians
    specializing in psychosomatic.
  • The voices are those of trained professional
    in the field of relaxation therapy and suggestion.
    The music
    is developed in collaboration with experts.

Depending on the different programs, the content varies slightly:

  • Relaxation (sound beats, colors, music & multi-evocations).
  • Meditation (music and simple voices)
  • Powernap (music and energizing colors)

The protocols of sound/lights stimulation sessions were strictly
designed using an electroencephalogram of a new genre: the "neo EEG"
created by the famous Professor Sorel (great Belgian neurologist now

For all these reasons, PSIO and its programs are unique in the world!

Simple to use: The PSIO was designed to fit the needs of the general public, for any person
wishing to obtain an immediate "wellbeing" which is healthy, drug-free and natural!

Multi-beneficial uses: the PSIO should be found in every household on the night stand of students,
high school students or anyone who wants to enhance his job performance (energy, rapid recovery, serene sleep).

Huge potential through appropriate programs: the PSIO can be considered as
an assisted personal development program, but without any effort!

What they think of the PSiO…

It's a great device! I acquired it a few weeks ago without really believing in it but still hoping that this could perhaps help me with my sleep problems and it works great! Since I have it, I listen to the "sleep" program every day and I sleep well.
-- NH

With PSIO, we know exactly where we are going. Try it and you'll understand everything. I can assure you that the only PSIO costs NOTHING compared to the benefits it brings. I see it with a lot more perspective and tolerance. Think first about you, but do not be selfish. Talk of it around you to bring a change in the world, starting with those around you!
-- Anonyme

I tested the "Letting Go" program for the first time today. I thought it was great. In fact I just got out of a depression. I returned to work but I am still very quickly tired and also stressed (especially by my boss) during the day. In any case I am very satisfied with my purchase, I found my first session very satisfactory, I even at times let go and fell asleep. I congratulate you, I think it's great. Again thank you for everything.
-- Patricia D.

I tried the “joy of life” track, I did it for two weeks, and I'm very surprised of the positive effects that this "training" provides. Relaxation is nice to do and the well-being is surprisingly felt immediately after the session, as well as in the longer term. I am extremely satisfied with this method. Bravo
-- Annick

YOU TOO, choose the PSIO,
the only real companion of the mind, mobile and «ALL IN ONE»

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Ask yourself what you would want to change in your life, would you:

  • potentially end stress, sleepless nights
  • excel and achieve the highest level of performance in all areas
  • enhance your concentration
  • live up to your full potential
  • develop your mind
  • achieve your goals and finally feel good in your life!

If so, then you do not have a second to lose! It's time for you to open the way to a new life!

Psio Crystal Davis
Scientific researcher
Meta-relaxation specialist and Stress Management